Welcome to FujiFotos.com! I am Josh, a Fuji camera photography enthusiast and been in love with Fuji cameras for over a year! I have started this blog and website out of my love and admiration to the technology and pixel perfection that Fuji cameras have been delivering to us for years.

I am a professional photographer for almost 15 years and have been using Fuji digital and film imaging equipments for more than a decade. In this website I will feature marvellous sample Images I have been able to capture using my camera equipment, share photography tips and tutorials and most importantly, share reviews of the best Fuji equipment available for you today in the market.

As professional photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia. An avid Fuji lover and user for over a decade. This blog and community portal is dedicated to sharing the best about Fuji cameras and equipments! Stay tuned for more from the photography industry and fuji equipments. Note: I am not officially associated with Fuji Films and this website is born out of the passion and love I have for the equipments.

Supporting us through the journey.

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